Welcome to the Advanced Carbon Materials Team at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology  

                                                     Professor YANG


    Advanced Carbon Materials (ACM) Team  at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology was founded by professor Junhe Yang. Focusing on the syntheses of carbon-based multi-phase composite maerials, functional porous carbons, various carbon nanomaterials (including fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphene  etc.), special graphite, and technique for quality control of coke, as well as their application in the fields of heterogeneous catalysis, environmental protection, energy storage and conversion, energy saving and emission reduction, etc.

   Currently the research activities of our team are financially supported by a series of projects from NSFC, MOST, Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai, and so on. International collaborations have been well established with the Laurence Livermore National Laboratory (US), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (US), the University of Pittsburgh (US), the University of New South Wales (Australia), the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST, Japan) etc.


Our research interests are as follows:กก

  •   Synthesis and application of novel carbon materials
  •   Functional carbon nanomaterials from coal and coke
  •   Fabrication of high performance special graphite and their applications 
  •   Fabrication and application of anisotropy graphite
  •   Novel carbon materials for new energy 
  •   Fabrication and application of nano-composites


Thank you for visiting us.

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Advanced Carbon Materials Research Team, Shanghai University for Science and Technology

516 Jungong Road, Shanghai 200093, China